“Sensational Wedding" Ceremony & Accommodation Package

It’s a pity that a wedding can take unto a year to plan but ends in only 2 to 3 hours, leaving not much time and leisure for the newlyweds to get together with their families and friends. That’s why HOTEL PROVERBS Taipei is offering a brand new “Sensational Wedding” ceremony & accommodation package including accommodation, wedding banquet and party for newlyweds, families and friends to have an unforgettable two-day and one-night wedding.

Wedding Package Details

For wedding package consultations, please call: 02 2711 1118 to TK SEAFOOD & STEAK, and a representative will be assigned to serve you.

Package Period
2020/12/18 - 2021/12/31

Special Offers

We provide a variety of accommodation packages and bring you the best experience of staying in a Taipei boutique hotel with our special offers and friendly attentive services.

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