As you walk through the hustle and bustle of Taipei’s Zhongxiao E. Road, and cross paths with the hip younger generation, make a turn at Da’an road towards the little patch of green oasis in the metropolitan labyrinth. Slow down your pace, take a pause in the park and take in the view in front of you: the sea of shoppers entering and leaving SOGO Department Store, above you an opening within the trees where blue skies flood through... it’s hard to believe that the ground you’re standing on was once Taipei’s most renowned public infrastructure some 300 years ago. 


Liugongjun was a grand system of canals and irrigation ditches that once ran through Taipei back in the 1740s.  It’s designer, Guoyiliu, used the water from Xindian river to irrigate the land, allowing Taipei city area to to prosper and grow. Today, the Liugongjun irrigation system has been moved underground, destroyed or abandoned.


It is here where you will meet old Taipei.