Back in the childhood, we all had the image of what a perfect barbecue would  look  like: dad out in the yard firing up the grill, and throwing on a juicy slab of steak as the hot coal  beneath it danced and letout fiery sparks in sync with the sizzling of the meat... It was this  exact memory that inppired head chef Fudy Chen was inspired to make every bite at TK SEAFOOD & STEAK memorable in the best way. 

The secret behind TK SEAFOOD & STEAK’s glorious premium steaks and delightful seasonal seafood cuisine is the Spanish Josper oven. This secret weapon combines the effects of a charcoal grill and oven, and it allows the beautiful aroma of the wood to be locked in the meat. Right before the steaks are taken out of the Josper oven, a piece of white oak from the 1866 JACK DANIEL’S barrels is placed in the oven to make it filled with the moisture evaporated from the oak. The aroma of JACK DANIEL’S whiskey is therefore infused into the steak and can be tasted in every bite. This one-of-a-kind fusion of aroma and meat has become a house favorite.