There are times in life where coincidences of great surprise, amazement or marvel take place. But with further pondering, these little snippets of life could be found not so much as “coincidences”, but an intricate arrangement from the above through the pulling and weaving of fate.

Mr. Tang was housed last fall. During the weeklong stay, he was always seen hurrying while keeping a low profile. HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI service team found after some exchanges and understanding that Mr. Tang enjoys morning runs and wine tasting and is a man who values the quality and style of life, which is rather consistent with the PROVERBS concept of design. According to Mr. Tang, he engages in “giraffe related” business in Shanghai and often travels between there and Taipei.

On a quiet afternoon long after Mr. Tang checked out, a Father named Jerry Martinson (Uncle Jerry of the Giraffe English advertisements) was strolling past PROVERBS when his interest was aroused by its mysterious and powerfully designed exterior. He asked for a tour and was shown around by the senior receptionist Spud Chang known throughout PROVERBS as the “All-knowing butler”.

Spud led Father Jerry on a tour around the hotel, from the lobby on the first floor, TK SEAFOOD & STEAK, to the third-floor reception desk and EAST END bar, and of course the swimming pool on the top floor. While waiting for the elevator going down, Father Jerry said to Spud “I just thought of a friend in Shanghai after seeing your hotel. He must love this place; they are such a match.”

Spud grew up watching Giraffe English on television and learned English from Uncle Jerry. Naturally, when Father Jerry mentioned Shanghai, he thought “Shanghai? Could it have been Mr. Tang from some time ago?” and asked instinctively.

Father Jerry was surprised at Spud’s question and immediately found photos from his mobile phone for reference, discovering them to be the very same Mr. Tang! Father Jerry immediately took a selfie with Spud and forwarded it to Mr. Tang.

Time passed until Mr. Tang checked into PROVERBS again four months later. However, Spud happened to be on a break and the two kept missing each other until the night before Mr. Tang was scheduled to check out. The moment when Mr. Tang saw Spud he said “Finally, I get to see you. I specifically came back just to look for you and to say hi!”

This perhaps truly is a clever arrangement from the above, allowing everything to happen naturally at PROVERBS, building the bridge of friendship between the service team and their guests.