Table to Farm

It is proven that, interestingly, hearing can change one’s perception of taste. For example, when you “hear” the sounds from the nature,
such as the stirring of soil, pitter-pattering of raindrops, buzzing and chirping of insects and birds in the morning light, blowing of the wind,
and then you see the carrots on the table in front of you, you feel the life journey of the carrots opened to you at that instant. You feel their “lives”.
It's like you are right there on the farm.

When designing our menu, I use in-season vegetables as well as local fishery and husbandry products in Taiwan,
such as the octopuses caught near the Northeast coast, local breed of goats from Fenglin, Hualien, and persimmons from Chiayi this time.
The reason to this is simple: I want to bring everyone closer to this land, to deepen people’s memories of this land.

Our menu for each time may differ, but the original intention of bringing the “memory of time of space” remains the same.
With the cooperation with DEVIALET, I am bringing people to my private farm to take the steps I went and hear the sounds I heard there.
You will be able to experience for yourself the change of time on the farm, from day to night, from sunny to rainy days,
and this will be an extraordinary combination.

Currently we are hosting experiencing dinners like this at TK Seafood & Steak monthly on these dates: 2/24, 3/31, 4/28, 5/26 & 6/30.
I am looking forward to have you here and experience this sensation together.